Hawaii trip for 6 days

We went to Hawaii for Company trip!!

Awesome company!

Day 1 6/4

JAPAN to Hawaii

At 16 o’clock in Japan we gathered at kyoto station and began our trip!

During flight to HNL airport I watched “definitely, maybe” .

Day 2 6/4

arrived at HNL / ALA MOANA Shopping Center / Hotel beach / drink with friends / Aloha TableKIMG0652

entered the room , it was nice.

confortable, but the different point from Japan is the toilet doesn’t include washlet!!

from the balcony, nice view we can see.

ocean in Hawaii is quite blue. it was so beautiful.



However there was many birds and they put their sh** on the balcony…lol

after arranged the bggage, we went ALAMOANA Shopping Center.


At alamoana, I bought swim wear & beach sandal.

Candy was cute.


At night, firewarks are able to see from our room. Nice night.



Day 3 6/5

Sand Bar / ono seafood / Pill Box in Lanikai beach / Pau Hana Base, izakaya /








sand bar , it is made of coral. In good season, very white beach appears.

walked on Sand Bar & did snorkel.


After that, we took a taxi and went pillbox!

it was so so so good place.

At first we took off the taxi at near the beach, and started to walk to the mountain.

Entered the trail from a ignboard of pillbox.


and walking up the trail, thinking about riding on MTB here.( though it is prohibited.)









Get climbed, I got perfect view. Hawaii is awesome.



Day4 6/6

mistook to go to DIAMOND Head / Hotel Morning/ OUTLET / DFS / selecting gifts / Bye-bye party



Hotel Morning was very nice except loving Japanese food so much…

But in this restaurant, we cant eat? drink? Miso Soup. So that it was OK.

1497242128835maybe this day? went cheese cake factory.


After dinner, went to get an Acai bowl.

If it was not after ate too much, this must be delicious.S__77103112

Day5 6/7


flight to Osaka from HNL.

So sad day.


Day6 6/8

Arrived at Japan.  went home…



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