20170709 practice

Hi, went to practice of trials on because 20 street. its wheelbase is 970mm, so it is little hard to do up to front. however, not bad. today's place was very good but it is far from my house. 7km away with 20inch tyres and 1.5 gear ratio.


Trials practice in Kameoka Trial Land

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxVwU8loKqs&t=6s   Went "Kameoka Trial Land," which is one of the most famous trials parks in Japan. With alietty, he is very young and has future of doing trials! We practiced wheelie jump, anyway. At last he managed to jump up a staircase with wheelie jump. It was good day.   結構前にはなるんですが、アリエッティと亀岡トライアルランドに行きました。 行き当たりばったりに練習してたつもりだったんですが、 主にウィリージャンプになってますね(笑) でもその中でも短い助走からするのとか長い助走で飛ぶのとか … Continue reading Trials practice in Kameoka Trial Land